On stage, the Misfit Toys are just your average, ordinary rock band. Lexx sings like a rock and roll angel, Mercy is the queen of guitar riffs, Yun plays a mean bass, and Rana kicks ass on the drums. Sure, they're not particularly well known yet and no, they don't exactly have what you might call a fan base, but they do have instruments and write their own music! Everyone knows that's the hard part, anyway. 

So yeah, everything was going just fine until those hecklers. And then the arrest. And the review in the newspaper, but really, how was Mercy supposed to respond? Ignore them? No way! That's how the patriarchy wins! And now they've got a bad reputation. Good thing they don't give a damn. 

Well, if people are going to call them nasty, these girls might as well prove them right.

Words: Erin Keepers
Art: Catriona Laird
Colors: Gaby Epstein

Published by Cult Empire Comics

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Original music for Nasty Girls by:
Erin Keepers and Jenarchy

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